White Swan® Classic Singlefold Towel - 9" x 10.7"

White Swan® Classic Singlefold Towel - 9" x 10.7"

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Acme 1L Spray Bottle w/Reg Trigger

Manufacturers Item #238100001-EA

Acme Pearlized Lotion Hand Soap - 4L

A pleasingly colored and scented soap for use in soap dispensers or poly squeeze bottles. It leaves the skin smooth and clean. Produces a rich, copious lather. Contains soothing emollients.

Manufacturers Item #04548015-EA

Acme Scrub 'N Shine Cream Cleanser - 1L

Cleans and polishes in one operation. Non-acid and safe for all surfaces. Will not scratch or etch. Clings to vertical surfaces for persistent action. Easy to use.

Manufacturers Item #04448002-EA

AGF Otter Light Duty Corn Broom

The Otter is a quality corn mix broom for general use around the home or office. Durable construction with 5 strings and a comfortable 7/8" painted handle.

Manufacturers Item #765

AGF TuffStuff Orange Wide Band Wet Mop - Medium

TuffStuff's synthetic-cotton blend yarn is a workhorse that outlasts conventional mops by 5 to 8 times and stands up well to laundering. The synthetic component of the yarn adds durability; the cotton boosts absorbency and reduces drying time. The tailband helps keep the mop's fan shape, providing better floor coverage and eliminating tangles. Wide band mops can be used with any Jaws or clamp style handle and are the preferred mop for use in hospitals and long term care facilities. Looped-end construction prevents tangling, fraying and knotting.

Manufacturers Item #1402

AGF Orange Tuffstuff Narrow Band Wet Mop - Large

Use with EZ-Change or Quickway handles. The preferred mop for hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Manufacturers Item #1723

Fresh The Wave 2.0™ Urinal Deodorizer - Cucumber Melon

Reminds you when to change it, simply pull off the date tabs upon installation to remind you when to change the air freshener, it's easy! Includes 1 "screen saver" bag per box to store spare screen until needed. Freshen urinal a full 30 days. Contains more than twice as much fragrance as 'look-alike' screens. Releases billions of optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odors. Longer protrusions on top release fragrance and reduces splashback.

Manufacturers Item #2WDS60CM

Acme Team Mighty Blue Bowl Cleaner - 4L

A concentrated detergent for tub, tile and urinal cleaning. It has been specially formulated to remove water stains, urine, salts, rust, scum and soap deposits. The thick blue liquid clings as it cleans and deodorizes leaving a fresh clean smell. Ideal for daily maintenance with workers' health and safety in mind.

Manufacturers Item #04448000-EA

Viking® Black Forte Nitrile Exam Glove - Large

Ideal alternative for those who are allergic to natural rubber latex. Formulated with 100% synthetic nitrile polymer, these gloves are latex free, powder free and odor free. Advance technology used in manufacturing these gloves makes these nitrile gloves softer, stretchier and more flexible than other nitrile gloves for comfortable wear. Designed to mask the toughest of stains. 3x stronger than latex/vinyl. Fits either hand.

Manufacturers Item #34605-L